Friday, February 21, 2014

100 Love Parade and Party!!!

Hello Kindergarten Families!

This week was so special!  Lots of beautiful memories, which remind me of how lucky I am to know such caring, friendly and dedicated families.  Thank you so much to all the families who helped by sharing supplies, by joining and helping the party, by being the audience at our parade, and by making sure our field trip was fun, safe and successful!

The parade!

The parade was an idea contributed by our new student, Mikey.  It was neat to see the class go with an idea and get it ready pretty quickly.  They thought it would work well with their plan to recite the 100 poem to their families.  The class had only been learning the poem, 100 Is A Lot!, by Meish Goldish, for two weeks, so it was pretty brave of them to recite these in front of so many people!  I think the class accomplished the goal of spreading love that morning!

This party was a great compromise because even though many friends didn't have ideas for a Valentines party, they wanted to celebrate.  Once it was suggested to combine the Valentines and 100 Day celebration, the students came up with lots of cool ideas.  One was spreading love by creating and sending out 100 notes.  Here is us starting!

We invite all families and the lower grades to help with our campaign to send out 100 love notes!  So far we have 22 made on the party date, and Jen's class emailed us that they have created 5!  EMAIL JENNIFER IF YOU HAVE WRITTEN SOME, TO ADD TO OUR CLASS COUNT!

Our card game was simple, but friends really seemed to like it!  This is easily made at home: cut card stock into uniform card pieces.  Ask your child to write different number quantities under 100, on each card.  Print out the 100 chart.  Use a sheet protector and a wipe board pen to play.  Each player takes a turn to pull a card.  Cross of that many squares.  Each time you pull a card you cross off more squares, adding your new quantity to your old one.  All players' goal is to get to 100!

Two of the stations were similar: creating a 100 piece structure, and a 100 piece mosaic.  The groups took turns keeping track of the tallies so that they could ensure that they did, indeed, meet their goal number.  A few times the friends had to go back and check the count.  Often the groups decided to put their count on the list before they put their few pieces on, which was a strategy that helped the groups stay organized.

We also finished a 100 piece puzzle.  This was a special feat because the puzzle was a close up of the frosting of cupcakes, and also because so many students and parents worked on the puzzle throughout the party!

The students were so excited about the salad they made in gardening class, with Beth, that this was on the list for food.  Each party the class tries to choose a balance of types of foods so that the snack isn't too unhealthy.  For this party, the class decided to make the kale salad, to ask for apple slices and heart cookies.  It was tasty, and many families asked for the salad recipe!

As you can see it was a fun day.  I will leave you with some of the artifacts from our brainstorms and party planning.  It took a lot of thinking and discussion to agree what would be do-able and what sounded like it would work.  Thanks for a great week!  Love, Jennifer

PS I am working on a reflection page about the party planning process, so stay tuned!

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