Thursday, January 2, 2014

Unique Characters For Magical Stories

Hello Families,

As a part of our magic exploration, the students began creating their own possible characters.  The class agreed to share as much information as possible for their characters, so that anyone could use them to make their own stories.

What story will you make up including these characters?

Enjoy, Jennifer

He is a dragon.  He has powers that are magic and he flies.  He also turns people into a cat because that’s his magic.  He wants the goods to be cats.  He’s evil. He lives in the forest.  His name is Zack.  He likes to play with his friends.  It’s a cat and a mouse, that’s his friends. 

 Mine is a flower fairy and I looked in the mirror to make some of the face shapes.  The power she has is to take care of plants and to help them grow faster.  To make the plants grow faster, she, to make a bunch of plants grow fast, then she can put seeds in.  They have stuff in them and they're magic, she has magic to help it grow.  She lives in the flowers. Her name is Athrea.


She’s a water fairy and she helps animals that are about to die.  She uses her magic to help them survive. She uses her wings and her hands.  Her name is Bubble.  She lives under that water in a cave that has lots of pretty stuff in it, like calms and starfish and seashells.  She likes to play in the water with her friends.  They are other water fairies and their names are Shine, Shelly and Silver Sparkle.

My character is a space fairy and he lives on the moon.  His name is Asteroid.  He likes to go to Mars and Jupiter and lots of other planets. He likes to play a game called Pro-Asteroids, when he pushes an asteroid to a planet and then it comes back to him.  His friends are aliens who like to play with him, too.  He has a family on Jupiter and he visits them sometimes.  He is special because he can speak space language and so he can talk to everyone he sees in space. His 10 years old.

My character is a fall fairy. Her name is Alyssa.  She lives in the forest and she has a lot of colorful leaves.  She has a friend named Sophie who lives in her tree house made of leaves and wood and animals come to visit.  She has a lot of bugs in her tree and they eat the wood.  She likes to paint her house with fall colors, red and orange and brown.  She also likes to draw with Sophie.  Her family lives close to her, just over a small ocean, and she likes when they come to visit because she misses them.    She is kind and she helps the little animals.

She's a garden fairy.  Her name is Flower.  She has power to make plants grow.   She has a wand to make plants grow.  She likes to hide under plants, because, to hide from animals.  She lives under succulents.  She has a pet- a cat.  She helps her to stay away from animals.  The cat tells her when an animal is coming.  The animals will eat her.

She's kind of a candy fairy, but not really.  And who ever drops a lollypop in the sand, she cleans it off and gives it back.  A  All-Cleaning Food Fairy.  She actually lives in your back yard, and then if you have a sandbox or anything and she flies and she follows you and where ever you go, she flies and if you drop something she picks it up and cleans it off.

My character is a construction fairy that can build houses and buildings. It's a girl.  She can make a block out of her wand and she zaps the middle of the road and then proof, there's a big block.  Then she can carry it real quick because she wants to let the cars get by.  She lives in the clouds and she goes down all the way to the city, then builds those blocks.

This is a lava fairy and he likes to go in lava because it gives him more lava power.  He has a little hole and when he jumps into lava, it automatically opens up and when the lava gets in, and then it closes automatically and then he jumps out.  His job is to collect all the lava so people won’t go in the lava and die.  Where he puts the lava, he can’t just put it in another volcano, cuz then the lava will come back, he goes to a different planet, like Venus or Mars, and he puts it in those volcanoes.  The wings allow him to go into space.  He also has an invisible, never ending oxygen mask, so he won’t run out of air.

This is a animal fairy.  His magic power is to heal animals once they get hurt.  He uses his magic powers to make, like, a medicine, and then they heal.  He lives in a little house, but it looks like a little mushroom. 

The bear lives in a cave and he likes to be in shady spots because he doesn't like the sun, because he doesn't like getting too hot.  He likes to walk because he likes to look at the tall trees. 

She’s a crocodile fairy.  Her wand turns people into crocodiles, because she likes to do that.  She lives in a castle.  She likes to play outside.  She could do a lot of tricks, like a roll and a back roll.  She has wings and her wings have magic because her wand and her wings, like to turn people into crocodiles.

My character is a knight ferry. His name is John.   During the day he practices fighting bad guys.  When he is done with his knight job he goes to the moon and picks up moon rocks.  He’s still learning to be a knight and sometimes he gets mad because all the other knights get to fight real bad guys.  He’s 3 years old and he needs to be 4 to fight real bad guys.  He has a friend on the moon that helps him look for space aliens.  He lives close to knight’s castle on earth, but his friend lives on the moon.  He really wants to fight bad guys himself.  His dad’s name is Sharp and John lives with him.

It’s a candy fairy.  She gives candy to the kids.  Her wand has candy in it and she zaps it to the kids on Halloween.  Her name is Lollypop.  She lives in the clouds.  She goes play with her friends.  They’re fairies and they’re different, they’re not candy fairies, only one is.  The other ones are flower fairies and grass fairies.

She is a garden fairy.  She makes grass grow a little taller so the animals don't have to be so cold.

My character is a water fairy and she could go in pools or the ocean and she can save fish or dolphins or sharks or people who don t know how to swim. She lives under the sea.  Her wings are waterproof so she could still fly.  Her wings are drawed like water drops ‘cuz she's a water fairy.

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