Friday, January 17, 2014

Some Appreciations From This Week

Hello Kindergarten Families,

Since we consistently practice appreciations as a part of the Positive Disciple concepts, the students have gotten so that they are able to think of appreciations on the spot.  This week was also the first week where I didn't have to suggest friends give appreciations to the family reader, but they seamlessly went into sharing their acknowledgments for Cate.  That was very exciting to see for me as a teacher, that the students are internalizing these elements of what makes for a kind, caring, thoughtful human being!

Here are appreciations from this morning.  Enjoy your three-day weekend!

Love, Jennifer

Rachel: I appreciate Lucy for picking lemons.
Liam: I appreciate Kirana for not being silly over meeting to me.
Brett: I appreciate Gabby for going with me at work time.  She told me that a crystal fell out of one of the rock halfs.
William:I appreciate Lucy for giving me friendly reminders at meetings.
Demetri: I appreciate Bridey for helping me not talk over people's words.
Bridey: I appreciate Demetri for reminding me that I have to sit next to him.
Kirana: I appreciate Bayley for sometimes helping me with doing hard stuff- she helped me keep teepee up.
Patrick: Who I appreciate is Saul for being my partner.  He was holding my hand.
Jack: I appreciate Rachel for letting me be her partner at  Relax and Read.  She helps me read words.
Clare: I appreciate William for not being silly when his Mom was the Family Reader.
Lucy: I appreciate Brett for speaking up now, and sharing his ideas.
Gabby: Who I appreciate is I appreciate Liam for being my Relax and Read partner when Mykenah wasn't here.  So he actually let me go first, and that's what I liked.
Bayley: Who I appreciate is Noah for working harder at work time.
Noah: I appreciate William for working hard.
Saul: Who I appreciate is Clare and Noah for being my partner at Relax and Read time and they helped me sound out words.
Jennifer: I appreciate the class for being so patient with friends who are still learning to be in charge of their behavior and I appreciate how you continue to give really friendly reminders instead of being frustrated.
Lucy: I appreciate Patrick for not being silly anymore and really listening and not sitting in the chairs and couch when he really wants to, because it's helping him because he's not falling asleep.

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