Monday, January 13, 2014

Our First Week Back Together

Hello Families,

This was such a nice time back together. The students were very caring and seemed to remember so many of our routines.  I was impressed and amazed at their memory level, and the way they came back together as if they didn't have much time apart.  It is really a special group of people!

***I wanted to share lots of things that came up and ways you can help in class, so please read all of this!

Back To School Brainstorms!
We spent the first day taking down ideas to create and investigate.  These lists will helps us organize what we are curious about and identify themes and questions to research.  The students have already begun interesting work for us to continue next week!

Writing about what might be happening in photos.

We began practicing spelling words we want to learn.  Today Lucy was the first to try her word.  She was successful with "window"!

Last week, the students began sharing an interest in Paris and the Eiffel Tower.  The facts about its height and that it has a restaurant on it intrigued them!

 This interest came from making our scenery for the class story. They want to pound down natural materials to turn them into powders to use in their art. Now the students are testing more and discussing which items are easier to deconstruct and why.  Please bring in any natural items for our powder collages.

Math concepts: Researching coin use and their history
Students are grouping the coins and practicing skip counting to try to discover how much they are worth.

 See a reflection page, coming soon on this topic!

Info for you:
Our fish have died, so this might be a topic that is coming up more at home.  The students have theories about it, but were pretty okay when it happened.

This week our journal prompt was, "This year I will... " The students identified a goal for themselves that they would like to achieve or become for 2014!  I wonder what their home goal might be for 2014?

The versatile items for the yard called "Loose Parts" is beginning.  You will see more of this in the coming weeks.  The students are welcome to bring in items that could be used outdoors for mosaics, constructing and pretend play at recess and lunch.  This will require lots of communication and problem solving and creativity!

There is so much to write about in one week.  All of these ideas are just beginning to unfold, so we will continue to explore them in the coming weeks and or months!  I hope you can take a chance to have your child walk you through the classroom soon!

Have a great night, Jennifer

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