Friday, December 13, 2013

What a busy and exciting week to come!

Coming Next Week:

Curriculum themes for the week: Snow, places where it snows, the uniqueness of each snowflake, number sums and using a ten frame, NY state research, map reading with the cardinal directions, writing our predictions about the winter break in our journals, brainstorming ideas for the new year, celebrating  and honoring our community and hard work of 2013.

Monday: We will be having a safety drill, so you might want to talk about this with your family.  What do you do at home to practice and feel ready for an emergency?  We will finalize sour work for Exhibition night, including lots of voice overs for our class story!

Tuesday: Demetri will share his photos from NY state and the snow!

Wednesday: This will be our day to go to the books fair!  Some families like to do this together, before or after school, but some students like to do this with our class.  We will be going in to check out what is there.  If you would like to send your child with some money to purchase books, we will help them.  If you have any guidelines, or specific books they plan to purchase, please send along that info along with their money!

Thursday: Exhibition Night!!!  Be there to host, and thank check out the whole school's exhibits.  Then make sure to be in our class at 6 pm sharp for the screening of our Story Video!

Friday: 9am We will sing some of our favourite songs with you as a fun way to end the year together. We will also have a small Winter party, so stay tuned for sign-ups on how you can help!

Thank you to all you families who help in so I any ways to make our time together meaningful.  Your children are amazing!

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