Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy December Topic Summary!

Hello Kindergarten Families!

Make sure to scroll down to read the post I created earlier in the week.  I was a neat discussion!  Here is a quick summary of this week's topics:

Math: We are investigating all the ways to make a number.  The students were using gems to help them make piles to see for instance, 3+3 makes 6, but so does 2+4.

Social Studies: We have been talking about the weather change, and places that has snow or extreme weather.  We are looking to Canada again, but how it looks at winter time, since when we researched before we found how cold it could get there!  We look forward to Demetri sharing his New York images, soon as he experienced a snowy wonderland of his own, over vacation.  We are still practicing giving clear directions and using the cardinal directions.  We played a game with our 8th grade buddies, to help be as specific and clear as possible, when getting the buddy to draw the idea in our head.  This was hard, but helped students see how they need to be more clear and use directional words.

Science: We had a great discussion about tornadoes, which came from giving feedback to Brett about his story.  This discussion also brought up the concept of materials' properties and which ones are stronger, or able to withstand the force of a tornado.

Language Arts: We continue to research stories that include magic.  This week we read the Russian book Rechenka's Egg.  The students are beginning to make generalities and to notice similarities and differences between books in the fantasy genre.  The students are sounding out and writing words all over the place.  This week they worked on utilizing some inventive spelling, including rules we know, like the silent e, and some correct spelling, in the questions we are writing for our magic surveys.  This week we journaled about the Thanksgiving break.  Many students I moving towards completing a whole sentence, and some have moved to the challenge of completing two.

I hope this quick summary helps you know where we are at this point in time. These students are growing EVERYDAY!  It is amazing to see them internalize new skills and to learn from their first tries.  We had a pretty connected week, full of teamwork and kindness!

Have a great weekend!  Love, Jennifer

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