Friday, December 13, 2013

Garding and Accomplishing Great Work!

Hi Families!

This week was so amazing.  I have had so much fun seeing the students' work come together.  Many students had aha moments when they realized how focused they can be, and how they can accomplish so much.  The class is super proud of all of their hard work.  We are very exciting to share it at Exhibition Night.  Because of this, I am not going to share too much- I want it to feel special for you that night!!!

On Monday, this week, the students made our first salad from our new IA garden!  Beth has been creating fun and interesting learning experiences, and this week the class got to eat the "fruits of their labors"! Here is the recipe:

Innovations Kale Salad

Harvest fresh Kale leaves and Leaf Lettuce (half and half)
Shred Kale into thin strips and remove the stem
Tear Leaf Lettuce into bite sized pieces
Dice 1 small apple
Slice 1/2 tangerine into small pieces
Toss and set aside

Apple Cider Vinaigrette
1/2 C Olive Oil
1/4 C Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tsp honey
pinch of salt
Whisk together and toss over salad

We also refreshed our bird and butterfly garden, thanks to Hillary's organization and your donations!  The kids had so much fun getting dirty and working in teams to make this happen.  Hillary read a book about the works last week, and then this week we discussed the steps needed to make the beds healthy and happy.  There was a lot of communication and the students offering to help when others needed this.  It was great to see how well they can work together.

Thank you to Clara for taking photos of our salad experience!  Thank you to Beth and Clara for supporting our salad experience!  Thank you to Hillary for organizing and actualizing our garden refresh experience!

It was fun to have so much outdoor time, even when it was a cooler week.  I hope you enjoyed sharing these experiences with your child.  Have a beautiful weekend!  Love, Jennifer

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