Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Discussion: How are research books different than story books?

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Today's revisiting meeting was investigating what we have been learning about research books.  The students identified many differences between this type of book and a story book.  We were noticing how many tools the authors use to help organize and share the information.  Below are the words from this meeting!  

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What are we learning from our shell research?
What do you notice about this type of research book?

William presented how his research time went, and the way he used the book to find out which type of shell he had chosen.
William: The numbers are about keeping track of what page I am supposed to go to.  I found the page with both of those numbers with the shell next to the number, and then Jennifer helped me found the hundreds and then she read it to me and they live in sandy beaches and it’s a clam.
Jennifer: Where did you find the first page that told you the page numbers of the clam?
William: Its close to the bottom.
Demtri: Close to the side.
We looked at the set-up of a book.
Rachel: In the beginning .
Demetri: Close to the beginning.
Jennifer: It’s the identification key.  Who can think of other times we have heard that word, “key”?
William: To unlock.
Liam: The one which colour is yes or no. (from our surveys and graphs)
William:  We know both of those keys.
Rachel: The different kinds of keys is there’s a metal key that you put into the lock, and then the other key is to tell you what colour is yes or no.
Jennifer: What kind of key do you think this kind is like?
Rachel: It’s the number key.
Gabby: It’s like a hole and one of the keys with a circle and a line.
Lucy: I noticed that it tells you what page the shell is on.
Katarina: I noticed it tells you information.
Jennifer: Did it tell all the information though? 
William: But it tells a lot of information of these pages.
Next we looked at the page it told us to go.
Jenifer: What’s the difference between the first page and this page?
Rahcel: I noticed it shows less shells and more words.
William: It shows you which shells are from different parts of the world.
Sierra: The words tell you what shell it is.
Demetri: There was pictures of parts of the world, so that’s what tells you where they could be. 
Jennifer: What is the difference between this book and a story book?
Brett: It’s only information about shells in shell books. 
Kirana:  The difference about this kind of book, some other books don’t have shells in it. 
Liam: There’s pictures but they’re bigger.  That book does not show the sand, it only shows the shells because it only tells the information of shells. 
Lucy: I noticed that the words are smaller because  the pictures are big.
Jack: Inside where the small words are, I noticed there’s colours and its pink, blue and green.
Saul: Because it makes them prettier and to make it easier to see. 
Rachel: I think I know, it’s so they can keep track of where they’re putting the words.  And I remembered my other thing: I think I know how these other types of books are information books and not story books, and story books are about stories and these ones are about information.
Bridey: In the books that have maps, the pages that have maps, but these maps, you fit other things in, and they’re just small maybe because they want to fit more information in the book, instead of just putting maps on those pages.
Patrick: Why the words are little because if they were bigger they would be huge and touch the shells and the letters would be squished.
Saul:  This book's different because not  all books have little maps and there’s yellow and brown its kind of telling me where the shells are.

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