Monday, November 4, 2013

What a Fabulous Halloween Party!

Hello Kindergarten Families!

Last week was a lot of fun, with so much rewarding learning.  These children planned a great party, full of fun and creative activities!  Each student was involved in one or more groups to get all the work done for our party.  We saw collaborating with peers, figuring out what info needs to be shared so people could follow the instructions of the game, problem solving to get a three dimensional bridge to stay up, but still be "unstable" enough for the board game to work, drawing and writing our best effort for details and penmanship, following a recipe, checking our work so that we made sure that everything was prepared and so much excitement!!!

Below is a glimpse into the big day.  THANK YOU to all the families who helped, by coming on the big day or our cooking day, by bringing supplies for our fun, and by helping with decoration and clean up.  I really appreciate our group of families.  You are so dedicated and helpful. I really feel supported, and the students felt great to be able to actualize their dreams with all of your help!

Have a nice week, Jennifer

Our buddies planned a silly relay game with mummies made of toilet paper!

Then we popped out of our wraps!  Such strength!

 Three cowgirls
 Men in costumes
 The board game our class created: Lava Step Stone:  Don't fall into the lava!!!
 Go Witch!   The card deck created by our class

 Our spooky snack: Make your own sandwhiches, watermelon, lemon-aid and frost the cupcakes we mixed.
 A spooky house for spooky stories

 Drawing costumes on the puppet characters

 Some of our first puppets created at the party
 Caring for our plates for less parent clean up!

A spooky puppet show

 Puzzles made from our spooky decorations

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