Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Organizing our work!

Hello Kindergarten families!  How are you?

Graphs Everywhere!

In the last few weeks we have investigated how many types of graphs we have used this year.  The students brainstormed, and I drew a simple reference sketch for each.  They could remember them all!  We have used graphs to collect different types of data, but the favored type is a survey question.  These students love to ask others about what they like!  This week the students were working on graphing more than one answer, on a vertical bar graph.  We also used pie graphs to show a simple yes or no answer.  This work required following many directions, as well as referencing example graphs to ensure that all the info is being conveyed in a clear and readable way.  They are loving all the organization that comes with using colour to convey meaning!  Notice how some friends even incorporated symbols to include picto-graphing concepts!

Another mathematical concept the students are interested in is measurement.  Many friends have been trying to see how high they can get their tower to go.  Each student is using the same pattern so that we can compare and contrast their height.  This requires precision, as sometimes the students cannot tell, from their vantage point, that their tower is leaning...

Another way to organize info is a word web.  The students showed their ideas about what makes a story interesting using this tool.  You may notice that their thoughts were influenced by some stories we have investigated recently: Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, as well as Alexander and the Wind Up Mouse.  The students are trying to sound out words, and identify all the syllables.  They are also trying to remember spacing and this type of graphic organizer requires some spacial awareness to track your ideas on the page.

Thank you for reading!  Sorry this post took longer to post.  I had technical difficulties and lost a portion, having to re-write it...  Have a great week, Jennifer

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