Friday, November 8, 2013

A visit to a local grocery store: Sprouts!

Hello Kindergarten families!

How are you?  I am about to drive to the train station, but am enjoying looking through the photos of today's trip to Sprouts!  Thank you to all the families who helped us today.

We were able to get some of our questions answered, for instance did you know that the produce in the refrigerated section is sprayed every 10 minutes and that the water is recycled and filtered so that it is always clean water that is spraying?  The students were very curious about the pipes and how the water came to the sprayers, and when we were in the back, we saw a lot of pipes!  We also saw a machine that answered another question: how do they get all the items onto the top shelves?

I didn't realize that Sprouts carries yogurt made from goats, sheep and cows.  Such variety.  We were also able to hear more about where the food comes from, which countries, and in our area.  This all varies by season, as well, for instance they told us that last month they had fruit from New Zealand, and now it is more from Australia than New Zealand, because of the change in season.  Who knew?

Overall it was an interesting experience.  Noah and Summer from Sprouts were helpful and generous to give us each a goody bag, too!  What part did your child share about?

Have a fun three day weekend!  Love, Jennifer

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