Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A class name, a trip to Baja and lots more...

Hello Families!

How are you?  I am getting over the stomach bug that is going around and it was not fun!  Sorry that this post is later than I wished it to be.

These has been so many fun and interesting concepts that the students have been working on this week.  Here is a little glimpse:

We have a name!  After honing it down to four, our initial vote was too close to choose.  We voted a second time between the two who were so close, and the class is now called the Thoughtful Creative Listeners!  They really tried to think of words that would describe who they are, or want to be, at school.

Baja research

The shells in my last estimation jar inspired the students to ask about where they came from.  When I told them I collected them on a beach in Mexico, which I camp on each summer, they were very interested.  So this week we took some time to research where Baja is on the map.  I also shared some photos from the trip.   Please check out your child's journal to see what fact they were most interested in.  Here is a peek at a few images from the slide show.

The next day we used our bodies to try to practice following the cardinal directions and to connect with the countries in North America.  We used people we know about in other places, (like Brianna in Maine, Jennifer's brother in Washington State) to help us "drive around the map.  Anytime you can practice going north, south, east, west in a fun and physical game is great to help the children connect with these abstract concepts!


There are so many ways we investigate letter sounds and practice writing and reading.  The vowels have become a group of letters that are still stumping many students, so we took some time to investigate their usage.  I use the names of students in our class, as much as possible, because the students are so connected to these words.  We created these little signs to help us remember the soft and hard sounds of each vowel.  We also looked at the two sounds that we often see the letter Y doing, to highlight the long e sound, which is often at the end of words.

Even and Odd

This is a little game that is easy to print out and play at home.  You need two dice and two types of items, to cover up the even and odd numbers.  This could be something you have around the house, like paper clips and erasers, or in class, we used shells and gems!

Many of the students are becoming able to figure evens and odds out on the spot, on their own.  Practicing this skill, and knowing this fact about each number will help these students when they have more complex math problems, in their future!

Well, I hope you and your student enjoyed sharing these memories!  Have a great night, Jennifer

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