Monday, October 14, 2013

Hello Kindergarten Families!

I am excited to share with you a glimpse of our week.  We began some new explorations and also made new steps in our current work.

On Monday, Clara shared a clip of one of the amazing Earth Flight videos that PBS has been airing. with each video, the students use google maps to check out where in the world this is taking place.

 The students were intrigued by they way the birds were able to coordinate their flight patterns to be so in sync, while seeming so organic.  The class drew and wrote in their journal about what they noticed, so if you can, take a moment to check out your child's journal with them!  Here is the link to the video, if you would like to watch more with your child!

This week, some friends finished up ideas to answer the question,

What is there just one of?

More going up, soon!

Another math concept, is looking at quantity.  The friends are estimating how many keys are in a jar I have.  Once they make their initial estimation, then they show themselves that quantity, to compare to the jar of keys.  Some are changing their estimates to make more educated guesses, once they have seen the quantity in person.  This has been a great counting and checking your work type of experience!

We were also able to meet with our Cross Class Connection: the 7th and 8th graders!  This was our second time meeting, and we are still getting to know each other.  We will meet one more time, before choosing who will be our actual buddies.  The Kindergartners are doing a great job in challenging themselves to be brave to meet new people, as well as to ask questions and share about themselves, so that they can get to know these new people!

Info for This Week:

We have not school on Friday, enjoy your time together!

Monday through Thursday are half days.  Please make sure to send a snack with your child, and a lunch if they are planning to stay with aftercare.  There is a one week fee if you are interested in having your child stay longer at school, after noon.  Check in if you need more information!

Student Lead Conferences!  Each of you families will come, with your child, to hear about their work, to discuss goals for the year and to celebrate their progress so far!  Thank you for being prompt so that your child will have the time they need to share their work!

We will continue to work on:
*Our estimates: making them more of an educated guess, less of a wild guess.
*Our characters- adding details, using a colour board to help design the outcome and describing who the character is.
*Our class name: we have honed it down to four possibilities and we are taking time to decide which feels like the best fit: stay tuned for a reflection page on this!
*Our Halloween Party: Deciding what the activities and food will be, so that we can begin committees who will actualize all that is needed to make this a great first party.  We will be making sign-ups for how parents can help, soon too!  Keep checking in!
*And so much more to be able to list here!

Tuesday: Kirana will share her photos from a trip to the far east and a family wedding.

Wednesday:  Patrick will share a presentation with his martial arts course, on respect and self- discipline.

Have a beautiful week!  Love, Jennifer

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