Sunday, October 27, 2013

Getting Ready For Halloween (and other good stuff!)

This weeks blog

Hello Kindergarten families,

How are you?  I hope you enjoyed checking out the photos form our garden field trip.  Thank you so much to Katrin, for coordinating the field trip! If you didn't see the photos yet, then scroll down, after reading this!

This week we finalized our party plans and we are beginning to enact the plans.  The students joined committees to work on the different jobs to be done to get ready for the party.  The sign up committee finished quickly, so that you parents would have time to decide what you can help with and pick up for us.

The witch board game group began identifying the rules of the game they are creating, and listing and drawing the materials they will use, as well as the map of how the board will look.  The friends who are creating the Halloween "go-fish" type game are thinking of how to describe how we play this simple game, which we are re-naming "Go-Witch"!

The decorations are coming along.  Many friends found that slowing down was a great strategy for making their best work: in both drawing and cutting.  This was great for strengthening our fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

We also looked at some of the work of artist, Alphonse Mucha, so that we could investiate his use of colour.  He is able to show how light hits flowing items, such as fabric and hair.  The students were excited to try out strategies to utilize some of this in their work.  They were also excited by the details he added to the pieces in general. Here is Clare's witch, inspired by looking at Mucha's work (she plans to finish it next week!)!

We also began estimating with our new jar.  Many friends used their estimates from last time to help them think of quantity.  For instance, by remembering how big 60 is, they were able to make a better first guess.  This is helping them have a visual concept of how large or small a number is.

We also checked out the globe, looking closely for Maine and Thailand, where we received packages from this week.  We zoomed in and out on google maps.  This discussion also lead us to look at the difference between a city, state, country and continent.  The students thought it was cool that Brianna has a whole other ocean close to her, not ours!

Thank you to all the families who were able to come to the park date this weekend!  It was so nice to catch up and see parents getting to know each other.  Thanks to Abbey for coordinating this!

Next week: 

~Monday: Our expert presentation: Dr Todd, a dentist is coming to show us things and answer lots of questions!

~We will be finalizing the house area, the decorations and the games for our Halloween party. 

~Writing notes to sent back to Brianna.

~Continuing our number concepts quest: What comes in pairs?  What are the just two of?

~Wednesday morning: Picture Day!  

~Wednesday afternoon: mixing the cupcake batter to be cooked that night, for our party.

~Thursday is our Halloween party: the more the merrier with parent help.  If you can join us at 10:15, please do.  Costumes are welcome!

Have a beautiful week, Jennifer

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