Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Recycling and Paper Making: A Mess of a Good Time!

Hello Fabulous Families!

By now you may have found the piece of home made paper in your child's large envelope that went home.  Well, here is the post that will share a bit about it.  This was one of the questions the students had while researching books.  They wanted to know about the craft of writing a story, and also about the physical act of putting together all the pieces to make a book.  It was a messy day, but isn't that when learning happens?  ;)

Here is the link that we used to research which may inspire some hope paper making this summer.  

I also wanted to know what you did with your piece of hand made paper!  Did it become a part of a journal, or a card?  Did you use it to create a three dimensional object?  If you want to write in the comments section, we would love to hear what everyone chose to do with their piece!  As well as any more paper making stories from your summer!

See the tab above for more summer extension ideas!  The teachers brainstormed lots of ideas that we hope will inspire summer discussions, practice, creation, fun and learning!

Enjoy your summer together, Jennifer

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