Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How Is POL Week Going? Oh, Just Lovely!!!

Hello Kindergarten Families!

How are you?  This week of POLs has been such a sweet time.  I am sharing the students' words about this, as well as some videos we have been trying to watch.  Unfortunately the internet has been either so slow or not working, so we have not been able to watch too many. I told the kids that hopefully if I post them here, you could watch them. Again, I feel these "How Things Work" ideas can lead to many interesting summer investigations for your family!  Have a beautiful day, Jennifer

PS Today all the students were here at once, so we took class photos! More at the bottom.   :)

How is POL week feeling for you, as a presenter and as a classmate?

Rowan: It feels good to be the audience because then I give appreciations, because you have to think about what your appreciation is gonna be.
Evelyn: How it feels to watch a friend presenting it feels good because their work is really great and when they're showing why it's great, it makes it even more good.
Preston: When it was my turn to do POLs it feeled like it's great 'cuz you don't do much and it's only three questions.
Brianna: I feel good because when the people was presenting and you get to see their hard work, it really impressed me.
Natalie: I feel good about watching other people do their POLs because so I know how it looks when, and what you do in the POLs.
Lukas: I feel good doing POLs 'cuz when I do it it feels good to really feel my courage that I have on me, and when I'm done with it, I feel so proud of myself.
Rachel Lee: As a presenter, at first I felt shy, but then afterwards, I felt proud because people, they gave me appreciations.
Lia: First I felt a little nervous, but when I started to talk, I felt a little better because it was not that many people there watching me and it was quick.
Mason: It was a little scary when I was gonna do it, but when I got in, it was not that big of a deal because the other people can do it, and I know I can do it, and it wasn't that big of a deal.
Rachel: I'm proud of the kids who presented in front of lots of people because they were being very, very, brave.
Kayla: When I watch my friend present it feel very happy, it feels too happy that I am almost happy crying. It's just, it's so exciting because they're just so brave! So brave I can't believe it!
Malaya: I am proud of my friends presenting in front of a lot of people because they're so brave.
Demetri: Why I'm proud of my friends presenting is them being brave and not being shy, and to talk in front of a lot of people.
Kai: My POL was great because I did it in front of all the people.
Katie: I feel about when my friend's POLs is because them when they pick wonderful work, then I feel happy inside for them because them is so confident.
Alicen: About my POL, I was kind of nervous because all the mothers, and part of the class and it kind of felt funny because they were all looking at me.
Ethan: As the presenter, I felt nervous when I was presenting because I was in front of people.

Joshua: I kind of felt a little happy about it because it was just a little bit of like, being in front of people and speaking and being a little happy and afraid at the same times, of sad feelings or happy feelings. When I watched my friends it helped me learn and be ready for my POL.

Here are the videos, if you would like to watch them with your child, today, or this summer!

How do seeds come from flowers? 

How do volcanoes work?  Why do they spew lava?

How are shoes made?

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