Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Wishing you all a sweet summer and I hope you fathers out there have a really nice day!  I loved hearing the words the students shared about you.  I hope you have a great time doing your most important job: being a father!

Thank you for a great year, Jennifer

Lukas: I appreciate my dad for being silly at the Legoland hotel- on the carpet at the third floor when there were snakes and lizards on the ground and he said, "Don't step on the snakes!"  My dad also fixes my toys when they break.
Rachel: I appreciate my dad because he does funny stuff like taking off my shoes on the swing.  And also, he helped me learn how to ride a bike.  He also helps me with getting cereal when I can't reach it. I love my dad because he makes food sometimes, for dinner and breakfast.
Alicen: I appreciate my dad for bringing me up on top of our playhouse when I can't get up.  He also drives me to school when my mom is working so I won't have to stay home.  He also plays board games with me.
Brianna: What I love is he snuggle bugles with me when I want him to.  He also takes me to my cousins for, like, parties.  He gives me hugs and kisses before I go to bed.  What I like about my dad is he always gives me love and he sometimes he helps me drawing animals.  
Mason: My dad helps me when I need help building stuff when I don't know how, with stuff I don't know what it is.  He helps me gets stuff done on the computer.  
Evelyn: I like my dad because sometimes he gives me extra dessert. I like my dad for taking me to the YMCA every Saturday so I won't have to stay home.  He lets me snuggle him when I have a bad dream.
Lia: What I like about my dad is because when on the weekends he makes me dinner and he always makes you something yummy.  He lets me come to his school on valentines and I bridged candy for his class.  He also always, at night time, helps me go to sleep and snuggles me.
Ethan: What I appreciate about my dad is that he cooks for me and he plays with me after work and he buys toys for me.  He takes me to the movie theater to see movies.  
Rachel Lee: What I appreciate him for is that he always takes us to church every time we to and that day he always breakfast.  He makes eggs and rice.  
Katie: What I like about my dad is he makes me dinner for our whole family, like chicken and he lets me ride in his old trucks.  And him tuck me in, usually he gives me kisses- a crazy kiss, like mmmmmmm!  I love my dad, because when I ride in his truck then sometimes he brings dogs into the truck.
Preston: What I like about my dad is that when I want to do chores, he helps me do it.  And my second thing is that he also lets me play his PS3.  He lets me snuggle with him at night.
Amelie: My dad lets me play on the computer and he also lets me play games outside.  He plays music and its fun to hear music.
Joshua: What I like to do with my dad is when he watches me ride the trick board that he got me.  He plays football with me.  I like it when he brings me to my mom's house because sometimes he walks me down.
Rowan: What I like about my dad is that every evening before I go to bed he gives me kisses.  When my mom and dad lived together still, he liked to play with me on the street, like playing tag and chasing me on my razor.
Kayla: Dad, I love you because you are a good fixer, you always fix stuff when it's broken.  I love you so much and for helping me to know what's danger or not.  I really do love you too much, I want to just hug you two seven million times.
Malaya: Daddy, I like when you buy me new shoes.  I like to watch Netflix with him.  I love him.
Natalie: I appreciate my dad because he plays with me sometimes and gives me hugs.  And sometimes when my mom's doing something, he heats up something for dinner.

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