Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Our Final Days Together!

Hello Families,

In the spirit of student participation and to help the students learn organization, we have planned all of our parties this year!  The end of the year party was very simple, because we had to acknowledge that with the few days left on the calendar, we had to be realistic.  The students wanted to do some of their favourite activities: sewing, finger knitting, puzzling, observational drawing, dancing and writing notes to friends.  They also wanted to have another make-it-yourself snack station, so we made our own sandwiches and ice cream.  With some help from important parent helpers, the students have been able to show how much they have grown in their ability to be autonomous.  We have such a CAN-DO attitude!  It was a nice and musical day, with lots of laughter.  But, really, that is what this group was all about, all year.  Such a lovey connection they have!

Thank you to the parent helpers who came to help out at the stations and spread out their energy and hands! 

Thank you also, to Sandy, Ethan's mum, who brought in a volcano replica so that we could check this phenomena out on the last morning of school.  We  used our last day to research a bit more about volcanoes.  As with life, we never stop learning.  So this research and many more topics, may inspire your summer family investigations.  Here are some links...

I hope you have fun being inquisitive and learning with your child this summer.  My wish for you is to continue read, to listen to their theories, find time to be present to discuss and debate ideas, and to remind them daily that they are so capable, and that they are amazing human beings!!! 

I really appreciated sharing these moments with you all year!  Enjoy your summer and please keep in touch!  Love, Jennifer

Off To Purchase Some Yogurt!


Our last field trip was sweet and fun: literally!  We took the chance to practice using money and collecting change.  This is great inspiration for summer and the chance to keep our coin counting skills sharpened by asking your child to help with these types of simple transactions.  Pretty soon they may be checking to see if your change is correct!  So put away the check cards and use some cash!  :)

Thank you to the families who come to make this a fun and safe walk!  Thank you to Yogurt Heaven who donated frozen yogurt to us adults!  So many flavours to choose from, so little time!

Enjoy a sweet and special summer, Jennifer