Friday, May 24, 2013

POL practice preview and Buoyancy!

Hello Kindergarten Families!

Today was a fun day!  We watched our first person to practice their POL.  Kai was brave and was up for the challenge of showing how a POL can look.  The students were very impressed and it helped the others realize how it could look, and see that it is not TOO scary!

We also watched some very technical videos to look into the forces involved in what makes a cruise ship float.  These students were able to begin to understand some of the factors needed.  I am putting some videos here to look at as a family that I hope might be fun to continue the discussion.  It is a deep (no pun intended!) Concept, so we will continue to discuss and think about it all.  But part of the fun is learning that we are all learning!  Did you know how buoyancy works?

Here are some big words we looked into:
Buoyancy, Displacement, Archimedes
(I was going to out awesome photos of their journal entries, but my tired old computer just decided not to accept Internet, so I am stuck and need to get on the road north.  Please check these out on Tuesday!)

Please share any research and learning you do at home and enjoy your long weekend together!  See you on Tuesday!  Love, Jennifer

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