Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I hope you are enjoying the weekend and feeling appreciated.  It was nice for me to be able to hear each students' words about what they love about their mom.  Have a beautiful day!
 Love, Jennifer and The Hard Working Detectives

Quotes about our Mothers

Lia: I appreciate my mom because she makes me yummy breakfasts and she snuggles me and she reads me books.
Alicen: I like my mommy because every night she tucks me in- she puts more blankets to make us more warmer. Also, every time she tells me to clean up my room, she helps me clean it. She sometimes tells me that we can go to the pool.
Rowan: I love my mommy because she makes me lunch every day. She gives me love every morning. She gives me kisses.
Katie: I like my mommy because she feeds me and she makes good food. And, she takes care of me, she kisses me goodnight and I try to go to sleep.
Kayla: I love my mom because she, every time, before I go to sleep, she lets me kiss her and she lets me relax with her when she is asleep and I'm awake, but I don't bug her so much. Mom helps me if I'm too tired and I can't brush my teeth, she helps me. My mom makes dinner for me, makes me food.
Lukas: I like my mom because she lets me do a lot of stuff that I want to do and she talks with me. She reminds me of stuff, when I forget.
Preston: What I love about my mommy is that she does stuff for me, that I want to do. Like if I want to do something, sometimes she will let me do it. And also, I love her because some nights I give her snuggles.
Ethan: I like my mom because she lets me stay up past my bedtime and she takes me to beaches. Whenever me and my mom go to my grandma's house, she lets me stay up. She lets me have a lot of freezy pops. She helps me play math games, when she does, she helps me solve the problems.
Rachel Lee: I love my mommy because each morning, she never forgets to wake me up by moving, making the wind chimes song. She always tucks me in at night. She uses her money, she gives me her money so I can go on the field trips.
Evelyn: I appreciate my mom because she snuggle me at bedtime and she doesn't forget to sing a song to me. And if I want to cuddle up with her in the morning, she lets me go on her bed and snuggle with her.
Demetri: I love my mom because she lets me go to places in the afternoons and on summer breaks. She takes care of me and she feeds me and she does a lot more stuff.
Natalie: Why I like my mom is she takes me to the park and she lets me cuddle with her sometimes.
Joshua: I like about my mom is that- so many things she does. That on Friday she's gonna let my grandma and grandpa over and we're going, and my mom lets me go in her bed at night and watch a show and she lets me play, and have sleep overs at my friends' house.
Brianna: I like my mom because sometimes she lets me sleep in her bed, sometimes and on Friday we maked a fort. And my mom said on Friday we could go in there and watch a movie. She takes me to the sushi place, even if she doesn't have lots of money. I appreciate my mom because she's gonna sign me into ballerina class.
Mason: I like my mom because she lets me have play dates with my friends, my old friends. She helps me when I'm trying to do something.
Rachel: I like my mommy because she makes me pumpkin pie in the afternoons, and she takes me to the beach on Fridays and on some Fridays, my mom takes me to Disneyland with my brothers. She also tucks me in when I'm really tired and I can't do it by myself. I like my mom because she also takes me to the pool so I can swim when it's a really, really hot day.
Amelie: I like my mommy 'cuz she, on Fridays,Ha she always, almost always gives me ice cream or brings me to the beach.
Kai: I like my mommy because whenever I'm in bed, when I come to her room, she lets me sleep with her.
Malaya: I appreciate my mom because she folds, and me and her helps each other to clean our house. She does for me, is tuck me into bed when it's our bedtime. She does, is to get me new necklaces. I'm happy for my mom because she's signing up for me for gymnastics class and they have competitions, too.


  1. I loved reading this, thank you!

  2. this was absolutely a joy! thank you Jennifer!