Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Getting Ready For The Farm!

Hello Kindergarten Families!

How are you?  I am well.  Today's research of cows came from our morning share of questions we had for the farm visit we will do this week.  The diagrams we looked at, of a cow's stomach compartments, lead us to talk about our system as mammals, and of how to stay healthy, what your body is doing to fight off sickness, and how important sleep and healthy food is.  It was neat to see how the students put together the information they know from their bodies, or us as mammals, and then thought of questions about cows.  Below you will see the questions they have.  Some questions we already answered, some we will continue to research, some we may learn about at the farm, and some I may let you answer!  (You will see why as you read them! :)

Have a beautiful day, Jennifer

PS If you research at home, feel free to bring in info for the class!

Our questions about the farm:

Evelyn: How do cows form milk inside their bodies and how does it come out of their little pink things?  How do cows get used to feeding thier babies and letting people get milk out of their utters?
Alicen: How do you get the milk without spilling too much?
Brianna: How do the baby cows get born out of their moms?
Joshua: How do you get more cows and how small are they when they are first born?  How do you know which one is a daddy or a mommy cow?  How do the baby cows know the farmers are nice and are trying to take care of them?
Ethan: How do sheep get so much wool?
Preston: How does the milk come from the cow?
Rachel: How does the milk from the cows turn into cheese?  Do the boy cows really like red- to run  to red cloth?  Why do boy cows have horns?  And not the girls?
Kayla: Do cows grow bigger than their mom when they're grown up?
Demetri: How do the baby cows drink milk from the mommy cows?
Natalie: How long can a cow stay alive?  When a baby cow is born, how does the baby know the cow is their mommy?  Do cows have teeth and what do cows eat?
Mason: How do the boy cows act?
Kai: Why do farmers chop down trees?

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