Monday, April 15, 2013

Planning for Upcoming Events

Hello Families!

Today we got a solid start to our week!  We looked up the website of the field trip tomorrow.  The kids are excited and seem ready.  We also used this chance to practice our map reading skills, by looking up who to get there and identifying which roads we will be taking.  It should be a fun and informative day.

The students also took today to solidify our choice for the upcoming Exhibition Night's theme.  The students have decided we would like to share with you all of the things we are coming to realize about making stories interesting.  Below is the T chart from their original brainstorm.  In the coming weeks we will be fleshing these out, deciding which parts are doable and how, as well as finalizing the stories, activities and displays so that it will be a very special night.  I hope you each can make it.  Save the date: May 2 from 5-8 pm!

We also have begun a new element in our day.  So many students have been asking to read to the class, so we are now going to take time to highlight a student reader more systematically.  Today Rachel asked, and we decided that who ever wants to read would put their name in a basket.  Kayla's name was pulled today, so she will be reading next!   This is a big sign of the excitement and confidence that many of the students are having around reading.  The pulling of names allows for each student to feel ready with what they want to read and to know when it will be their turn.  I have a feeling that as each friend reads, more students will want to volunteer, realizing they are feeling ready for this exciting challenge as well!

I hope you have a lovely night with your creative and inquisitive child!  Love, Jennifer

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