Thursday, April 25, 2013

How Do You Clean A Penny?

Hello Families! 

This week we continued our investigation of coins by learning some facts, and by doing an experiment.  I hope your child was able to share some penny facts with you, and or that you looked up more facts together.  They were pretty excited to have the official name of a penny.  Did you know it before this week?

Wednesday, we investigated ways to clean pennies, since some are shiny, and others are not.  As with any experiment, we began by sharing predictions and thinking about why the different cleaning agents might work.  Many of them thought about the properties of things like soap, salt or vinegar to help educate their prediction.  

Next we used these dull, old pennies to try out three ways of cleaning: with water, with soap and water, and with salt and vinegar.  With the salt and vinegar test, we did a separate test to see what happens if we rinse off the solution, as well as what happens when we leave the cleaning agents on.  As you can see at the bottom of this post, the outcome was interesting!  It is a fun experiment and one which leaves us thinking about the properties of these metal coins.  I hope this inspires you at home!  If you do more with this, comment here, or email us photos!

Have a great night!  Love, Jennifer

Almost two hours after the test:  

 The morning after the test!

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