Friday, April 26, 2013

Getting Ready For Exhibiton

Hi families,

The students have planned so much for our Exhibition Night!  We are working on lots of little details.  Here is a little sneak peak into a few of our preparations for the big night!

Today many students took their turn sewing with Jennifer to create the bag for our story game to go into.  The students first learned a bit about how a sewing machine works so that they would understand what they are doing to create the bag, and to keep everyone safe in using this machine.  Each student is working the petal to drive the machine, while I guide the fabric through the needle.  The students began to see the pattern involved in the seams, most not even needing me to tell them when to stop, by the end!  For those of you in the know, we created princess seams so that our bags will be durable and look nice.  We can't wait to share the game on the big night!

I was lucky enough to be taught by awesome women: My mum, grandmother and aunt!
Now I get to pass on the excitement!

And finally, the expression wall greets me each morning and I love it!  These students are such characters!
I am writing a page for you about this, so stay tuned!  

This activity helped us think about character development and the students brought up a great question of how much character emotion is the right amount.  I appreciated their thinking because sometimes we may appreciate dramatic moments, and other times we are just not feeling the story because we feel there is too much "drama".  These children amaze me in the depth of their thinking and their ability to share their opinions, while thinking about others' ideas.  They are learning so much from each other.

Can you tell which character emotions these students are acting out?

Have a beautiful weekend with your creative thinker!  Love, Jennifer

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