Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Special Day At The Bird Sanctuary

Hello Families!

We are so lucky that Leslie found this little gem of a field trip.  The space was a cozy size and most of the birds were perching instead of caged, so the students were able to see and interact with them in an intimate way.  Even the students who had mentioned being unsure of being around the birds were courageous   Almost everyone wanted to hold a bird.  We were able to observe them, learn more about how the program helps exotic birds, to feed the birds and the coi in their pond.  After this special time, we were able to go to the beach.  The sun came out for us today, so that the ocean was a great view while we had our sack lunches!

Thank you to Leslie, Amy, Susan, Raquel, Sandy, Ans, Kate and Kristina for driving so that this trip could take place.  I hope you enjoy the stories your child shares as you look at these together!  Love, Jennifer

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