Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What time is it?

Hi families,

As the students learn about time, the biggest part is how each child can connect with these concepts on a personal level.  What does time mean to them?  This week we tried an activity that I hoped might help them begin to connect times to the parts of our day.  We were thinking about, "What are we doing at school at that time of day?"

To make this fun, I started by writing times of the day on index cards and hiding them around the room.  The kids quickly found a time to figure out.  Next, the students used the brainstorm we made previously, of a typical day's schedule/list, to figure out what we might be doing at that time of day.  The students wrote this next to the time to have a connection to "real time".

The students' next step was to try to identify where the hands would be, on the clock, at that time.  All our recent practice really helped them to think about which hand represents which part of the time words we say.  Finally, the group put our schedule together, looking at their times to try to put them next to similar times and in order.  This helped them begin to see the pattern that comes with o'clock, fifteen, thirty, forty five, and then all over again!

It was neat to see how they talked it out and supported each member of the group to get the help they needed to put all of our times together!

What "real time" info can help your child connect to important times at home?

Have a beautiful night, Jennifer

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