Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thank you for the beautiful week!

Hello Kindergarten Families!

This week was so beautiful.  Each of your children have grown so much because of their hard work, ability to try their best and reflect on what they want to continue to practice.  The SLCs were such a sweet time.  Thank you for making these a celebration and for working at home to connect the learning in all parts of their lives.  I feel so lucky to know such special people!

This week we also said goodbye to Mathis, who, along with his father, will be getting their new home ready for their family when Amelie and her sister and mother join them in Belgium at the end of the term.  It was hard to say goodbye, but we wish Mathis all the best!

I have to apologize because I did not send you the reflection pages I wanted to.  I have three begun, for this week and last week, but my computer is no longer able to even copy and paste.  I think I will need to back it up and hope it is not a bigger problem.  Since I can't get the quotes from the discussion notes to the pages with the images, I will have to let it go and try again when I get back.  This is so frustrating because I stayed late to do this and so wanted to you see their work!  You will just have to ask them about measurement, about the obstacle courses they are making and about pyramids.  These are the questions from the pages:

What makes a good obstacle course?   Is it funner to be the designer or to do the course?  Which do you like better, designing alone or with a partner?
How do the materials you use limit the ability to make a pyramid shape?
What is the difference between a foot and an inch?

I hope your spring break is full of beautiful memories and special moments together.  I will see you when I return from my trip.  I know your children will have some awesome days reconnecting and studying Mexico with Clara and Lenouris, after the spring break.

Enjoy, Jennifer

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