Friday, March 1, 2013

Getting Ready For the Party!

What a big week it was!  And so worth all the hard work.  The party was beautiful.  I also think all the moments leading up to it, both hard and proud, were beautiful, too.  These student really stuck to their theme and thought out many ways to creatively transform the room to feel like a friendly camp-out.  Here is glimpse into all their tasks, big and small!

This week the students:
Finalized the games- Spot the Difference and the Finding Game,
Wrote and illustrated the signs,
Painted the second love bush,
Worked out how the campfire would be put together and then put it together,
Drew, cut and colored leaves, hearts, and peace signs,
Practiced making star shapes,
Created a sun and moon,
Finished writing what they knew about checkers,
Mixed the chocolate chip pudding cookies batter (see photo for the recipe),
Asked for feedback and made many tries to show their best effort,
Worked as a team and alone,
Collaborated, compromised, reflected, questioned and created,
Were flexible, helping groups who needed more manpower or expertise,
Identified final steps so nothing was missing for the big day!

  The campfire group brought their questions to the group and this is from the discussion we had to help them figure out what to do next!

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