Sunday, March 24, 2013

Did it sink or did it float?

Hello Kindergarten Parents,

The quest to understand why items sink or float has lead us to more tests.  This week we tested glass and plastic items, carefully recording our predictions and findings.  The findings were interesting. I hope these photos show a bit more about how the shape of an object has become a larger part of the discussion.

Here are some questions that came up:

Why did the glass cup float, but not the glass bottle?
Why did the rectangular plastic lid float, but not the square glass coaster?
What makes certain plastics float, but not other types?
Why did the red plastic ring shape not sink all the way, or float all the way?
What made some items with holes sink, while others with holes floated?

The class will continue to investigate by sharing their theories and discussing phenomena they know occurs.  We will also be looking at some videos to help us answer a question we have had since the beginning:
How do large boats float?

If anyone knows of someone with expertise on this topic, we are interested in talking with an expert!

Have a great night, Jennifer

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