Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What is happening this week?

Hello Kindergarten Families!

Here are some of the many ideas that have been flowing around our classroom!  I hope you enjoy reading this with your child!  Love, Jennifer

Math: What is half?  What is double?

The students have been working on showing their understanding of these concepts and using them in action.  For example some students have been identifying the half of a quantity, while others are doing equations that double their original amount.  Still others, are finding real life examples or stories.  Please come in soon to check out this wall were work is going up daily!



 Mason 5 is half of 10 fingers

 Preston: Double Truck

 Rachel: Sometimes the moon is half.

 Rachel Lee


Social Studies:

We have been trying out different languages in our morning share.  Now we have a greeting in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Korean, German and Hawaiian.  Rowan brought us some words in Russian that her grandmother shared.  What other languages do we have experience with?  Please email me or send in any info your family or child would like to share!

We are also going to begin investigating where Jennifer will be going in the Yucatan for Spring Break (Valledolid, Merida and Campeche)  and what these ruins are all about!


We have been inspired in art, in two new directions.  One is how color is used and how this can change the feel of the work.  Evelyn was inspired to make a non realistic piece that has really spoke to many of us.

Also, the three dimensional paper coiling has moved into the students making their own creations.  Mason's roller coaster got lots of students excited to use the coils to make their own creations.

My job is to observe, listen and identify what may deepen the work, and then to volley something else that might inspire.  Since the students are interested in color and collage, I printed out many pieces of art to investigate and discuss.  

We met in small groups to discuss some of these pieces and begin to delve deeper.  The discussion topics were:

Here is what they came up with so far:

I can't wait to see what they create next!

Language arts

Each day the students are noticing patterns in words, while reading and dissecting our morning message.  Wednesday the students were inspired to create an -ly list on the spot.  This is how many we got in about four minutes.  I know friends had more, but we had to head out to P.E.  Can you come up with more as a family?

We have also been continuing to explore the elements of stories.  After stories we have read recently, we have added the concepts of problem, solution and message. Here is an example of the class' collective share to complete this table.

Title: The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate The Wash Author: Trinka Hakes Noble Illustrator: Steven Kellogg
A little girl's home,
A farm
Pigs, chickens, the boa, the mom, the crying cow, Jenny, Jimmy, the little girl, Tommy, Marianne,the farmer, the teacher, the farmer's wife
A mom is asking a kid what she did on her field trip to the farm. Silly things happened at the farm because a student brought a boa constrictor.
Jimmy brought his pet boa to the farm.
The teacher made everyone get onto the bus and go back to school.

Talk to people before starting a throwing fight.
Don't take boa constrictors to the farm.

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