Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We are curious about the world!

Hello Kindergarten Families!

I wanted to share a little more from last week.  For our morning share, on Friday, we had the topic of a place we would like to go.  See all of their amazing ideas?!  Then, the class also used color to coordinate the types of places.  The students are practicing identifying this abstract concept of city, vs country, vs continent. Some of them are getting the hang of it!  I want to go to all of these places, too!

We also had an interesting discussion brought on by one of our February Songs and Poems: Here Comes The Sun, by George Harrison and performed by the Beatles.  When I told them that the Beatles were a group that was together before I was born, they were wondering if they were born yet.  Again, time is a very abstract concept.  I drew a timeline to help them begin to understand the concepts in the past that we were looking at...  Then the students wanted to know if their parents were born when the Beattles were a band.  We will need to investigate timelines more.  Many of them might be wondering what year they were born in.  This is where that question is coming from!  (If you click on the image, that will make it larger)

We were also lucky to have Aurora, Demetri's mum, share about the country that she is from: Colombia.  She showed us emeralds, coffee, the flag and much more.  She also shared some Spanish and the friends practiced the names of the colors in this language.  It was very exciting to have a guest speaker come to share about their country.  We look forward to more parents coming to share places they have been and experiences they have had in these places outside of San Diego!

This is just a quick post, so that I can share these neat experiences with you. More soon!  There is always so much going on, it can be so neat each day!  Thank you, Jennifer

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