Monday, February 25, 2013

Planning a Special Party

Hello Kindergarten Families!

To commemorate the fact that some students will be moving and we have gotten some new students, the class will be throwing a Friendship Camping Party!  The students have come up with the activities, the decorations and the food.  They are in the process of actualizing all their plans in committees of students.  This has given us more time to practice group work, in real time action!  This week has had it's ups and downs, with some days working better and other days, not.  Many groups are realizing the power of communication and are trying to practice delegating the work so that more gets done, with less group members waiting for others.  There is a lot of learning to be had with all of this.  And, as usual, this group has a lot of creative ideas! Here is a bit on their plan:

Games: Spot the difference, Checkers,  Find the Name
In the tent there will be storytelling
Around the "campfire" there will be joke telling
Card and illustration making for friends
For snack, the students want to have a quesadilla making station, where they chose their ingredients.

We could use a lot of help!  As always, the more the merrier.  All parents are welcome, the students would love you to read or tell stories, share your jokes, help them run the games and man the hot plate to melt the quesadillas.  If you will be able to come, email me or sign up!

 The map of our party

Another exciting thing that happened this week was the cooking we did.  We made two recipes and then compared and contrasted their ingredients, how the batter came out and what the loafs looked like.  These photos show a bit more about the process.  This also naturally brought up some great conversations about fractions.

What do you notice, just from these photos?

We have been using the words compare and contrast a lot lately.  One of our game day activities was to look at old photos and then to write about what they noticed is different about our society, now and then.  I find old photos very interesting and the students looked closely to find things to note.

Finally,  it was our 100th day of school last week and the students were excited to see what that looked like in our calendar pocket chart.  What a big bundle of ten ten-bundles!  Their number sense is growing each day!  The students have been looking at numbers and trying to identify what the place values mean, as far a a quantity.  Below you see some examples of how they are showing this!

Have a beautiful week!  Love, Jennifer

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