Friday, February 1, 2013

Inquiring about Instruments

Hello Kindergarten families!

Another week has flown by!  Each week seems to bring new skills and more realization of how competent each of these students are.  It is an amazing process to watch!

To continue with the students' interest in musical instruments, I invited two big brothers to come and share their instruments with us.  Since we knew this would be happening, the class used our morning share time to generate a list of our questions.  You may notice that some of these are about instruments in general.  We will continue  to research and may have more experts in!

I was so impressed with our student experts from the third grade!  Iain, Rachel's brother, and Brenden, Evelyn's brother, spoke so eloquently about the trumpet and trombone.  Each boy shared interesting insights about playing their instrument, as well as about how that particular mechanism works.  They each played a bit solo, then together, so that we could hear the difference in the range of sound that can come out of  each of these.

Here are some new vocabulary we heard in context:
Buzz vs blowing
High and low notes

The students in our class also impressed our experts.  After we gave our appreciations, the boys shared how they were impressed by how focused and interested our class was.  (Which is great, because another goal for this was to practice the etiquette of having an expert in) It was an impressive day!

Our next step is to have some more experts in, as well as discussions to see what information we understood and internalized, and what parts we need to investigate further.  Have a great weekend!  Love, Jennifer

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