Thursday, February 28, 2013

Appreciating The Work That Went Into Our Party!

What a beautiful party it was!  The students did such a thorough job of planning this Camping Friendship party.  I loved watching every minute of it!  Each activity was interesting and many students went to almost all of the them!  I will post photos soon, but for now, I wanted to share yesterday's reflections on how friends helped with the party.

Have a great night, Jennifer

February 27th, 2013

Party Appreciations

Kayla: I appreciate Natalie for helping us do the checkers rule game because she did not get into personal space.
Rachel: I appreciate Amelie for painting the bushes with us. She talked and she kepted her hands in her personal space.
Rowan: I appreciate Malaya for bringing the checkers game.
Brianna: I appreciate Jennifer for hanging up the moon and hanging up the stars.
Rachel Lee: I appreciate Mathis for giving me feedback of what I should change on my sign.
Alicen: I appreciate Lia for working hard on her sign.
Mathis: I appreciate Haden for giving feedback to me. He used a medium voice.
Katie: Who I appreciate, Preston, doing him hard work on the stars.
Malaya: I appreciate Lia for telling me what letters to write for the party, on the paper.
Demetri: I appreciate Amelie because she made the green paint, because we didn't have green for the bushes and she shared a little bit with me.
Ethan: I appreciate Kai because he have me feedback. He said, “Give more detail”.
Preston: I appreciate Katie because she showed me how to do a star.
Lukas: I appreciate Malaya and Demetri for bringing the logs for the campfire.
Haden: I appreciate Brianna for not chatting with me at work time.
Lia: I appreciate Rachel Lee for showing me how to make a star.
Amelie: I appreciate Rachel because she putted the hearts on what we painted.
Kai: I appreciate Mason. Yesterday he painted the bush with me without chatting.
Evelyn: I appreciate Mathis for giving me feedback on my tent.

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