Monday, January 28, 2013

What Is Interesting Us Right Now?

Hello Kindergarten Families!

Last week flew by with our holiday and the field trip!  Here is a little glimpse of some of the things we have been investigating.

Estimation Jars:

We are now in the phase of counting the items in our jars.  There are only a few jars left to count.  Here you see two friends working on the corks.  A tricky part of this is figuring out how to move to counting the remaining items when you are skip counting.  For example here, the two were counting the items by tens, but after 10, 20, then they pointed to each of the last five.  What is the next number after 20?  It it 30?

Skip counting takes time to internalize, and also it takes time to realize where you are in the numbers when you are counting so fast.  The two used the number chart to try to see what number comes after 20 when counting by ones again.  They found 21, but then were wondering if this is called 12 or 21?  These are all the hard work of a Kindergartner for sure!  There are so many math concepts we are connecting together.

Social Studies- What do you know about the states in our country?

The students have been sharing what they know about a state and then we are researching more about these.  It has helped to have the personal knowledge and connection to a peer, first.  I am hoping more parents will be able to come in to share their photos or a story of a state you have been to...


Have you checked out our story wall?  There are so many students who are adding more to this.  Each day, a new friend has become inspired to begin one.  Some are writing it all first, while others are writing a little at a time, with illustrations.  The class generated a list of words they would like to know how to spell, to help with their story writing.  That, in itself, makes me interested in seeing how these stories will unfold!
We are beginning to explore more about editing and understanding deeper concepts of what makes a story intriguing.  More soon on this!

Three Dimensions!

Also, Friday we had a game day.  These are fun challenges for students to practice skills or to practice thinking in new ways.  We had an activity that involved paper coiling.  I challenged the students to see how they could change a paper strip to look different.  Each group that joined looked at the previous work and tried to add new shapes and twists.  I was hoping that these students would begin to see that although paper is flat, it doesn't always have to be used in that way.  It can be important to remember to turn things on their side to see them in a different light.  Today, the students saw the potential of paper in it's three dimensional form.  What will this allow them to explain and show in their work?

Well, I hope each of you were able to hear so much more about the week, than this!  
Have a great day, Jennifer

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