Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We have a name!

Hello Kindergarten Families,

How are you?  The kids started off the day being amazed that it is 12-12-12!  Will you remember what you did on this date in time?  Today we had a few special things happen!

First, we chose our class name! We had been brainstorming words that describe us, as a first step.  Next we began playing with these words and the students came up with possible names.  After that, we made a table with beginnings and endings to test them all out.

The students began sharing which ones sounded right an explained why.  We used this time to try to sway others by the students sharing why they felt the name did or didn't work.

We had to vote to get down to four possibilities, then we voted for our  final name.  After voting we checked to see how everyone felt. (Just to make sure since voting isn't always the way to ensure the best wins!)  The class was SO excited!  And now we are.......

The Hard Working Detectives!

Another fun part of our day was that it was game day!  We had four stations: Train to 30, Goofy Sentences, the Estimation Jar Counting, and adding descriptive words to the story we wrote together.  Below are some photos to show each one.

A final fabulous thing about today was that we finished our film about trees!  I am so excited about how the students were brave to speak on camera and for the voice overs, and on the care they took in making their work "camera ready"!  THESE KIDS ARE AMAZING IN SO MANY WAYS!

I hope each of you will be able to come to the Exhibition Night Viewing!  We are culminating a great beginning of the year together!  Have a beautiful day, Jennifer

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