Friday, December 14, 2012

Reflecting on Our Amazing Work

December 13, 2012

What are you proud of about the work we did to make the tree video?

Rachel Lee: I am proud of talking in the video because usually, sometimes I am shy when I am in video.
Mason: I'm proud because I was in the video and I talked and I was almost not gonna be in the video because I was scare and now I'm not. I didn't want my face in it because I didn't want people to see and I thought it was not scary anymore and I wanted to talk.
Kai: I am proud of me being in the video.
Haden: I am proud of talking in the video because first I wasn't brave enough and I then I thought the video was going to help other people so I wanted to join it.
Demetri: I am proud of myself because I was shy first and then I was thinking about it and then I wasn't shy, so I did it.
Rachel: I'm proud of me because I did my best drawing of the magnolia flower. I tried and tried and tried and I didn't give up.
Jennifer: I am proud of myself because it has been so long since I have made a movie and I challenged myself to re learn and organize us so that we could get this done in three weeks.
Amelie: First, I didn't think and then when nobody was there and only me, I can think and then I did my best try from looking at the leaf.
Mathis: I am proud of doing doing a voice over because I was thinking about it but I felt a little shy, but then I thought and then I saw it wasn't bad, so then I joined in. I am proud because first I kept doing the rings too small, and then Jennifer gave me feedback to do it bigger. If it's smaller then I couldn't do anything inside and then I made it bigger so I could get more rings inside.
Preston: I liked it because because I drawed good. It looks good to me because I made it my best effort.
Lia: I am proud of trying to draw the magnolia seed because I did not give up. I made four tries. I really looked close at the magnolia seed part and I drawed all the details.
Rowan: I am proud that I finished my work, because it was a little bit tricky because the top line was a little hard because I keeped drawing a circle in the top. It wasn't a circle, because it was just a little curve line so we couldn't see the hole in the top.
Evelyn: I am proud of me drawing the dogwood flowers because some of them were tricky to draw. I actually had to look at a picture and look at the shapes that they had. Instead of just drawing a huge circle for the petals to go on the flower, I needed to draw teeny tiny circles inside of the circle for the petals to go on.
Malaya: I'm proud of myself when I talked about the rings.
Brianna: I'm proud of myself because people are going to see my work.

Kayla: I am very proud of myself of making my best try ever to put in the video. It was my talking about the rings. I putted my hands out. I used my hands to tell that the rings were big.
Natalie: I'm proud that I did my best effort and I did my best drawing of the rings. I looked at the first try in my journal. I looked at it and every time I drew one ring, I looked at my journal so I could make it a better try than the one in my journal.
Joshua: I am proud of myself because it was kind of short that I had to say and I was saying it right, when I was kind of nervous.
Lukas: I am proud of my best writing because first on my card, the "h" stick looked too big and then I erased it and then I made a thinner line and then it looked better.

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