Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Practicing Appreciations

As a part of our class councils, there is a time for appreciations.  We are thinking about being specific and clear in our words so that this time becomes akin to a helpful list of tips of how to be a thoughtful friend.  We can use this list to remind us of practices we would like to continue or do more often. 

Which of these things did you do this week?  
Which appreciations inspire you to want to do something new next week?

Kai: I appreciate for Natalie playing with me and she was keeping hands to herself.
Mason: I appreciate Haden for playing with me.  It worked for me because when I asked him if I could play with him, he said yes.
Rachel Lee: I appreciate Amelie and Mathis because I like it when they follow me in the game.
Preston: I appreciate Haden for playing brothers with me because he followed the rules and I liked it because he keeped his hands and his legs to himself.
Evelyn: I appreciate Brianna and Lia because they let me be a kitty in their game.
Brianna: I appreciate Rachel and Lia because they was playing with me and they was being funny and chasing me.
Malaya:I appreciate Rachel Lee and Rachel and Lia for to teaching me how to jump off the slide to the monkey bars.
Joshua: I appreciate Lukas and Evelyn for playing bad wolf with me.  It worked because they made me feel good in a good way by keeping their hands to their self.
Lukas: I appreciate Kayla because before school started I was walking in and Kayla saw me and then she asked me if she could hug me and I said yes and she did.  
Rachel: I'm proud of Lia because she can skip the monkey bars.  She couldn't do it for a long time and I teached her.
Lia: I appreciate Rachel.  A long time I couldn't do the monkey bars and then she teached me how to do it and now I can do the monkey bars.
Mathis: I appreciate Rachel Lee for swinging next me because we chatted for a little while.  And she said something that we could do on the swings.
Amelie: I appreciate Mathis because he played on the swing with me.  He closed his eyes and chat and he said he doesn't see me and I like the game.
Rowan: I appreciate Lia for skipping the monkey bars and I appreciate you, Jennifer, for teaching Lia how to do it.  
Haden: Good morning and I appreciate Preston for making funny jokes with me.
Kayla: I feeled proud of Lukas for letting me play with him.  Because some days he didn't but this day he did.  I feel happy because it makes me feel like a princess.
Demetri:   Thank you for helping me.  (To Clara)  She helped me with drawing the polar bear.
Clara: I want to appreciate Jennifer for being so clear in her words and that helps me help everyone else in the classroom.  
Jennifer: I wanted to appreciate all the families who answered my emails and brought in food for the cooking and for the party tomorrow.  

Don't we have such special people in our class?  I appreciate each one for their ability to challenge themselves to try new things each day!  Have a great afternoon, Jennifer

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