Thursday, November 15, 2012

Was There Color In The Olden Days?

Hello Kindergarten Families!

Today's weather was so different that it inspired the bar graph above!  What do you think, will it rain tonight?
It was interesting to hear the reasons for the students' predictions.  Speaking of interesting, today we had a very interesting discussion about color.  This began with us looking at our work and how we use color in it, but then it went so many places!  This often happens, because the students have so many ideas and theories and each student is so unique!  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I am enjoying being able to listen to these students each day!  I will make another blog entry soon, with more of our work, but for now, here it is!  And here are a few of the pieces of work that the students were referencing...

Have a nice night, wet or dry!  Love, Jennifer

A monotone image I made to introduce our even and odd wall...

Sky and Cloud theory drawings and diagrams

How does color help convey ideas?

Evelyn: When you use color, it kind of looks realistic.
Jennifer: How did color help us in Lukas' work? (His diagram of how light moves to the earth)
Mason: Because we know which side is light and which side is dark.
Jennifer: Even on maps, do you see how colors show things?
Rachel: There's blue, there's green. The blue is meaning water, because I know water is blue.
Mason: And the whitish, dark orange is like the city.
Mathis: Color means like if you just draw something then it looks more real.
(We looked at the Venn diagrams people were making.)
Rachel Lee: The colors are meaning which one is outdoors or which one is indoors or the yes or no.
Jennifer: So what did color do to that work to make it more clear?
Kayla: You can know which stuff is which.
Haden: It means you can know what things are.
Evelyn: It's because it is so you can see where they are and what they are.
Lia: When it's far away, the color can show really what it is and then you can really know what it is.
Jennifer: Is there anything else you are noticing about the way we use color?
Rachel Lee: So that way it can be colorful and we don't have to just see gray, white or like black.
Kalya: We can use color to know what color we are.
Jennifer: Do you mean to tell each other apart?
Kayla: So, if we have only black or white or gray, we can't tell if it's anyone, or just you. And we have different hairstyles so we can know and we can tell who are you and who am I.
Jennifer: So color and differences help us tell things apart?
Evelyn: So you can see things darker, so you can see them better.
Jennifer: But light yellow sometimes catches my attention.
Mason: Color helps our lives so we can know if it's the olden days or the real days. Because there wasn't color in the olden days.
Jennifer: Do you guys agree?
Kayla: The olden days pictures really didn't have any color, so I don't know who are you and who am I.
Evelyn: In movies there was black and white.
Jennifer: Do you think people really came in black and gray and white?
Mostly said, “no”.
Mason: These days there are still black and white movies and color movies. Because they forgot when they were painting the picture.
Preston: The olden days there were no color because people knew who was who. They know because they did not look the same, they looked so different.
Kayla: In the olden days there wasn't any color.
Rachel Lee: Because the people didn't have color and they're still alive today, and they're gray and white, then we couldn't tell them apart,
Jennifer: Has anyone seen a gray and white person?
Mostly said “no”.
Malaya: I see Brianna is white
Jennifer: Is she really all the way white?
Haden: No, her hair is blonde.
Malaya: Here cheeks are kind of red.
Rachel Lee: It looks kind of like peach but it looks like a similar color like peach, but not really peach.
Jennifer: How could people have come with no color before?
Rachel Lee: It doesn't make sense to the other times. Like, even old days, every kind of day, it should be color so that way. 'Cuz it doesn't make sense to like other places, because then we never saw a black gray or white person before.
Joshua: I think people in the olden days, they didn't have any color because they probably had no colored shirts.
Jennifer: But we are talking about the color of their skin.
Joshua: I think they came in different colors of their skin
Preston: In the olden days color wasn't invented yet, only the color of skin was invented. But clothes weren't, didn't have color, But when colors were invented, then colors came.
Jennifer: I don't understand because nature has so much color and how could it have grown without color?
Lia: When they grow, they get color because water makes things get color.
Jennifer: So if nature was colorful, wouldn't they have had color in the olden days?
Amelie: If the colors not there, the land will be kind of- almost no body there and somebody alone if the nature was away. If all the plants were away, then almost there would be none people.
Jennifer: It's true, we can't live without nature and nature is colorful.
Demetri: Trees leaves and grass is green. Trees and leaves were always green.
Evelyn: Nature is colorful, so how would it not be created in the olden days?
Preston: Nature still had color.
Jennifer: So, our skin had color, but just pictures and films didn't pick it up?
Preston: In the olden days they didn't.
Rowan: I don't get it, because in the old days, if the leaves were black or brown, then they would just fall off a tree.
Rachel Lee: Because they are old. If they were brown or black, then we would think they're old plants that had died, but they are really not.
Amelie: Plants can't be black.
Jennifer: Should we research to see if any plants can be black?
(We have more research to do and theories to draw and explain!)

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