Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

All of our party planning came together in a beautiful and fun time.  The children tried many of the activities they planned and seemed to enjoy the day.  Thank you to the families who helped bring food and supplies to make this happen, and to those who came to enjoy and read to make it a nice experience.  

We began our day with new songs and poems that the poem committee wrote themselves!

Friends enjoyed trying to build together, using the little props the class had made.

Sticker making was a big hit!

Our snack was very tasty and colorful!

 Friends tried many of the dance moves we created!

Towards the end, many friends made messages, too.

Thank you to the families who brought books and who read to us!

The students worked very hard to make the day come off so nicely.  They are really coming together as planners and collaborators.  I hope you had a safe and fun Halloween!
Love, Jennifer

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