Thursday, November 8, 2012

A week full of questions

Hello Kindergarten Families!

How are you?  We have been busy this week with lots of interesting topics.  Here are a few...

Last Friday we planted the root view station that Lukas' family lent our class.  The kids were very excited.  We practiced following instructions and using the diagrams and steps to make this happen.  Even though the packages said that the carrots, radishes and onions would take 12-15 days to sprout, the radishes have seemed to sprout in 4 days!  It is exciting.  Keep checking out this interesting growth daily!

Our leaf and tree investigation is coming along.  Keep those leaves and tree artifacts coming in!  This week the students used the library books we got to look up their leaves and begin to document their types.

We have done more sound/ spelling practice.  Do you see how many ways we spell the sound "air"?  English is so full of rules to be broken.  We are having fun researching and laughing about the differences and similarities.

Also, this week my sister, Julii is having a baby!  I will be heading up to San Luis Obispo to be there for her and meet my new niece, Camille!  I am so excited.  Clara is so capable and is taking care of the class for Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.  (Thank you!)  This has made the students talk more about our family relationships.  When I wrote about this in the morning message, friends first guessed the word "niece" was the word "nice.  When I told them, they wondered what a niece is...  Below is a diagram that came out of the discussion.  The students were very excited to try to make their own family tree and identify all the relationship names we use for each person.

Another element to this was that the students want to talk about their own birth stories.  They wanted to ask you some questions about their birth story.  The types of questions they were curious about were: what time of day they were born, how long it took for them to be born, and where they were born.

Two other things that came up Thursday morning was the concept of a safety drill and Veteran's day.  The students want to ask you these questions:
What is our family safety plan?
What do we do in an emergency?
Who do we know that is a Veteran?
How does our family honor Veterans?

I wish you a beautiful three day weekend and I am hoping the family park day will be such a nice time of togetherness.  I am so sad to be missing this, but I am also so excited to meet my niece and have time with my family.  I will be excited to meet up for our next class park date soon!

Have a safe and fun weekend!  Love, Jennifer

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