Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Halloween Show

Hello Kindergarten Families,

The students were excited about their party planning and included a show in their ideas. To actualize this, we first looked at what characters would be coming on the big day.  The students shared their costume choices, then thought about whether they would feel comfortable performing in front of the class.  Out of the students who wanted to participate, we had a wide range of characters to weave into the story line.  Our next step was to write a story that included all the characters and that made sense in the process!

During the story writing, we edited many times.  Sometimes the act of reading it back to ourselves made students point out parts that didn't seem to make sense, other times it made us think of what could happen next.  This process took a few days, because  as is the case with many writers, we needed to think about it in between editing sessions.

Our final step was to practice.  The students found that it was tricky remembering not only to act out the story, but to do this in a way that allowed the audience to see everyone, as well as their facial expressions.  For their first show in front of an audience, the group did so well!  Here are the photos as well as the story below.  I hope your child will have a chance to share this with you!  

Thank you for sharing your creative children with me!  Love, Jennifer

PS I put a video on the end of this blog entry that shows the kids doing their October poem by Maurice Sendak.  I hope it works!

 The Pirate and Her Friends
Go On An Adventure
Written By Our Kindergarten Class
October 2012

Once there was a night with a full moon. There was a haunted house, near a river, with a bat flying over it. A cat was sneaking into the kitchen because she was hungry. A pirate was cooking some food for her friends. The pirate was making soup. Then the cat got scared and it went under the table because someone knocked on the door. It was the pirate's friends who came for dinner.

The pirate that was cooking food came to the door and opened it for her friends, the princess pirate, the bat and the cop. The pirate shooed the cat away because she didn't want the cat to steal the soup.

After dinner, the friends went on an adventure. They were going to get food for a unicorn. They went to a haunted, all night store, called the Monster Market. They walked in and saw Spiderman who was helping people to look for things they need to buy. Luke Skywalker was using his light saber to cut up ribs and meat when people wanted to buy those.

The friends wanted to try to get a unicorn to come to their back yard. The pirate asked Spiderman what they should buy to get the unicorn to come. Spiderman suggested grass, carrots and termites. Spiderman wrapped up the unicorn treats in his sticky spider webs. The pirate princess carried the treats out to their motor boat and they drove back to the pirate's house. On their way home, they saw a mermaid in the river. The mermaid jumped out of the water to say hello.

The friends set out the treats in the back yard, so that the unicorn would come. The friends were feeling excited because that was their first time to meet a unicorn. The unicorn was waiting behind the bushes. Then, when it smelled the treats, it ran to them. The unicorn ate the treats.

The unicorn's horn turned magic. It turned the pirate's house into a rocket. The pirate, the cop, the bat, pirate princess and the unicorn all got into the rocket. The cat snuck on at the last moment.

Then they went into space. They saw an astronaut on the full moon. He was collecting moon rocks and putting flags on the moon so they would know that area is where the Americans were.

The astronaut jumped into the rocket and the bat steered them back home. Then the unicorn turned the rocket back into a house. The unicorn said goodbye to the friends and the cat said, “Good bye, have a nice weekend. “ The astronaut decided to stay on earth for a week and then head back up to space. All the friends went home to bed.

The end.


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