Friday, November 2, 2012

A Full Week of Ideas!

Hello Kindergarten Families!

How are you?  Was it a big week for you?  Even though I didn't do anything for Halloween, outside of school, I noticed it felt like a big, eventful week. I think the kids are taking some time to get over all the excitement and finding their rhythms again!  We did a lot this week, and I will try to outline a few here.

This week our family reader added an extension to the experience.  Leslie also brought different types of pumpkin seeds for the children to try and discuss. This went nicely with the book and brought up a question:  What other seeds to we eat in our lives?  If you find any at home, email me photos, or draw them and bring in your ideas!

We also began a new dice game that uses a grid.  The students write the numbers 2-12 along the bottom and when they roll two dice together, they add the numbers up.  Once they have identified the sum, they write this in the column that matches the sum. The students are beginning to use the words that go with this type of work, including column, row, grid, equation.  They are also noticing that there can be many ways to make the same number.  Here are examples:

A math concept that has been coming up more, as we look at the patterns in the 100 chart, is the concept of evens and odds.  This week we looked at quantities to see if there was an even pairing in them, or if there would be a remainder.

So far, a few students have brought leaves in to our class.  This is leading us to do more research about trees.  
What are the names of the trees that these leaves come from?  
Why do they have such unique shapes?
What other leaves have you noticed in your life?

On Thursday we used our morning share ritual to write down either things that we find interesting or we are curious about on this topic.  Below you see their words.  This will help us to plan our research for the next weeks.

What are you curious about when you think of trees?  If you have any expertise on this topic, please let me know!

There are so many more experiences that happen each week.  I hope you can take the time to come in to have your child share these with you.  I hope you enjoy your week, Jennifer

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