Friday, November 30, 2012

A Beautiful, Informative Day

Hello Kindergarten Families!

How are you?  This week just felt like it flew by.  Our field trip to the Blue Sky Reserve and Poway Lake was a really lovely experience.  Thank you to Leslie for coordinating it and for finding such a special place to visit and learn from.  

There were so many topics that correlated with the types of investigations we have been doing in class.  We learned about some new trees: the Western Sycamore and the Coastal Live Oak, as well as the term Elfin forest, which is the type of forest that we see here in the chaparral region.  ( I always thought that was a magical, literary term, not a real one!)  We also learned more types of plants and how they were used by the local Kumeyaay native american tribe.

Here are some of the things the children said that they learned:

Rowan:  I didn't know that some snakes could be light colored.
Evelyn: I was surprised because there is a little mouse that builds a home out of sticks. (Wood Rat)  I didn't really know that there's a real snake called a Rosey Boa.
Lukas: I learned that, I didn't really know that bark could look white in the sunlight, from a ghost tree.  (The native american name for the Western Sycamore)
Joshua: What I learned was the song "three leaves, let them be." (Poison Oak)
Kai: I learned that the bobcats paws are black.
Haden: I learned that snakes can slither out of their skin.
Mason: I learned that whenever skunks have tummy aches from eating beetles, they just go and eat a plant and it makes them feel better.  (Lichen)
Amelie: The bobcat plays at night.
Rachel Lee:  I did not know that lizards could do push ups.  The wood rat trick the foxes of what doors to come in, of their house, to try to eat the wood rat.
Mathis: I learned that there is an animal, and his feet is like a heart shape.  (Deer)
Demetri: I didn't know that the cage, the metal gate with the machine in it and then bobcats used to hang out there because they like the sound of the machine.
Brianna: I learned, I didn't know that the poison oak can let you itch.
Rachel: I learned the new poison oak song.  " Leaves of three, let it be."  
Lia: I learned lots of new kinds of trees and plants.  I learned about poison oak and the ghost tree.  
Preston: What I learned about is that the ghost tree seems really white in the sun.  

I hope these words and photos help your child tell you so much more about our day out in nature!  Have a fun weekend, Jennifer

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