Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Planning for the Halloween Party!

Hello Kindergarten Families!

How is your week going?  Ours is going well.  We are in full swing for party planning!  The students have done lots of the initial steps involved in planning a party.  It is hard work!  But also so much fun.  

If you want to join us, please come Wednesday October 31st at 10:15, with or without a costume!  We do ask that if you wear a costume to chose one without a mask, and one that is appropriate for all the kids' feelings about what feels too scary!  If you cannot come to the party, you can scroll down to see other ways you can contribute, by bringing things for the big day.

Also, the students would like to make little plays up using their costume characters, so you can come for pick up time early that day, at 2pm to watch the shows!  ( We are still planning these, and friends are trying to decide if they each feel brave enough to do this in front of an audience!)

Here is a little about the process...

We began weeks ago by brainstorming what Halloween means to us.  Then we brainstormed what types of things we would like to do at a party.  The students had so many exciting ideas.  As it is our first party to plan, they are figuring out how much to try to do and how long each idea takes to plan and get done.  We chopped some of the ideas off the list to make it a realistic and fun day.  There were many brainstorms along the way: what food we could have, what decorations, what activities, etc.  Here is their final plan.  (I appologize that I cannot change the orientation of the image in blogger.  I hope you can still read it!)

Each student has volunteered to join a committee to get certain parts of the preparation done.  The sign up committee wrote the sign-ups for parent help and involvement.  

The haunted house group has brainstormed and will begin making things we need to turn our construction area into a haunted house building area.  

The poem committee are writing poems for us to do that day, instead of our usual Songs and Poems.  

The Dance Committee has been creating dance moves and making the signs that show and describe how to do that move. 

The Decoration committee is looking at illustrations to make realistic and creative decorations for the class.

Some students have offered their services to more than one committee.

The sign up committee has made sign-ups for you parents to ask you for help they would like- email me or sign up in class tomorrow morning. 

Things you can do before, that don't require you being at the party:

Jobs you can take on if you CAN come to the party:

Other news this week...

The student lead conferences are such a special time for friends to show their work, plan their goals for the year and to show their families their ability to talk about important things like this!  I feel lucky to be involved in each of these!  Thank you to all you families who are making time in the week for this important process.

Things you can help us with at home:

Trees: we have been investigating many types of trees and are looking for artifacts from them.  Today Natalie and Kai found many interesting leaves in transition.  This can be such a colorful time!  If you notice any bark, seed, pod, or leaf droppings in your neighborhood, bring it in!  We are collecting unique artifacts to study and add to our knowledge.

The Sky:  Have you noticed the sky lately?  What an amazing change from day to day.  We have been noticing many types of clouds and plan to investigate this further.  If you would like to email me photos of clouds that you have seen, do!  We will print out some of these and use them in our investigations.  Here are a few I found...

Your Neighborhood:  Please take some time this week or weekend to take your child's home and neighborhood photos.  We are spending time for each students, and so far I have photos for 7 out of the 17 kids.  I hope this is a lot of fun for you!

Family Reader:  Thank you, Shannon, for coming and sharing special books!

Have a nice night!  Love, Jennifer

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