Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Our Field Trip to the Library!

Hello Families!  So much is happening this week.  Now that I have the prep necessary for each  of your beautiful student's SLConference, I want  to take advantage of the breaks in my day to post some blog entries.

What a special first field trip we had!  Thank you so much to Leslie for finding the perfect way to start our out of school adventures.  The librarian at the Scripps branch was so thoughtful in creating a well rounded and interesting tour.  She also read a very funny book that was just the topic for us, because we love asking questions!  (Question Boy Meets Little Miss Know-it-All)  She answered all of the questions we brainstormed and sent her, so we learned a lot.  I hope your child shared about this fun day!

Our next step is creating meaningful thank you cards for her...

Thank you to all the parents who helped out in driving and in making it a nice time!

Love, Jennifer

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