Friday, October 26, 2012

Math Activities and Home Ideas!

Hello Fabulous Families!

Here is a glimspe into our math activity time today.

One thing we are working on is for each student to connect to the numbers that work together to make ten.  When they know this by heart, then they can use this info for computing bigger number equations.  The students used different formats to identify these "ten friends".  This page will then always be in their portfolio to reference, until they don't need to reference it anymore (because it will be in their head!).

Another skill the students are practicing is noticing patterns in numbers and practicing how to count to these big numbers.  Here the students used the number chart to show us patterns they see.  One they identify something, their next step is to describe or share this with friends, or even write the pattern down, outside of the number chart.  This will lead them to understand the different ways we can skip count, to count faster!

 A game to practice adding larger numbers and also to become confident using the vertical equation type set-up is Train to 30.  (Later the students can try to get even higher!)  The students roll dice and use the Unifix cubes to depict the number they rolled.  Then they set up their equation to add the new number onto the running number.  This takes time to get into the pattern of the steps that you do so that you are documenting and calculating when needed.  These girls got on a roll today, and Lia was just starting her second choice when it was time to finish.  They all plan to keep going next week!

I hope this helps you think of things to do at home, if you wish.  I know there are a lot of games we play at school that I am sure your child would love to show you.  Below, you can see one activity we did in our morning meeting to practice isolating and identifying the sounds that make up a whole word.  This also allows the students to begin to see how many ways a sound is written in our language.  This takes time, because we have more rules broken than norms in English.  But it is fun for the students to notice when words do have a similar set up or letter pattern!

To get started with this game, I chose a word and asked the students to identify the beginning, middle or end sound.  Then once a student has raised their hand and shared the correct sound, the group raises their hand to share words that have that sound in them.  When I write them, the students can see how this can look!  There are so many ways we spell things in English!

I also wanted to share today's class journal entry because it mentions another way to help us with learning at home.  We need some more research about your neighborhood to see how ours are similar and different!

Thanks for all you are doing to support your child and myself.  I can't wait for the Halloween Party!  Love, Jennifer

PS Remember, if you click on the image, then you can make it bigger, and in a slide show format.

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