Thursday, October 11, 2012

Can you help?

Hello Families!

Here is some important school info:

Innovations Families: We need more Volunteers for Monday, October 29, 2012
We are only asking for 1/2 hour to 45 minutes commitment, however we would love if 
you could volunteer more. Please sign up by stopping in the office or emailing LuAnn at
Especially between 5:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. need more adult volunteers to meet the 
minimum requirements for the 5% of total sales. 
Children are welcome to assist in returning baskets & carts to front of store; asking for 
receipts, and activities.
Be sure to sign-up for their Friends reward card for every 500 points you get $5

This week we were talking about many in-depth things.  I plan to add more soon, but want to post this to get the info out, so watch for another post this weekend!

Here are a few things we have been thinking about this week:

Class brainstorms and word webs:

A game about rhyming (thinking about matching the ENDING sound)

This is an important skill which helps in both reading and writing.  Students are practicing identifying the ending sound and finding a word that rhymes.  Sometimes students who struggle with this hear the beginning or middle sound, or try to think of words that go with the word, instead of rhyming.  This is a great home or car activity!  What word endings can you think of words to rhyme with?  If students write lists, please bring them in to share!  It's a great chance for sounding out and spelling practice, too!

We also used our morning share to think about book types that we like.  Many students in our class said they like adventure and mystery!  Here is the list of genres we thought of:

And finally, as I mentioned in a prior post, the students are getting into the game Less or More.  If you google a 0-99 chart, you can easily print one of these at home so that your child can teach you to play.  This game is tricky and great for practicing looking at patterns in numbers, for noticing which numbers are larger or smaller and for understanding language.  The language nuances are the tricky part, for instance, if I say, "Yes, the number I am thinking of IS larger than 50",  which numbers on the chart could I cross off, then?  I hope you enjoy this game together!

And I hope you enjoyed the rain, we did!

Have a lovely day, Jennifer

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