Tuesday, October 16, 2012

8th Grade Buddies!

Hello Families,

There are so many beautiful moments, that sometimes I forget to share important ones.  Last week was our first meeting with our 8th grade buddies!   Each class has a Cross Class Connection, and this year, ours will be Lisa's 8th grade class.  We often use this time to share curriculum topics with our buddies  and we trade turns doing challenges and activities that are inspired by our class curriculum.  

For our first meeting, the friends practiced the important skills of introducing yourselves, hand shakes and asking questions to learn more about each other.  The two groups were in a large circle so that the 8th graders would periodically rotate so that each student was able to meet and chat with many new buddies.  Soon we will be pairing up for this activity time and sharing our year's experiences as two classes.  This is such a fun time.  I wonder if your child shared how confident and calm they were in meeting new people.

Have a nice night, Jennifer

Practicing with our friends first

Practicing walking carefully and respectfully (great to get ready for our field trip!)

Checking out the 8th grader's tessellation work that they created.  Beautiful, hard work!

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