Friday, September 28, 2012

Thank You for Making Open House Night Special!

Hello Kindergarten Families,

I hope you had a great night here.  I enjoyed watching students share their work with their parents.

This week we had so many great discussions, this is becoming the norm.  It seems that ideas come from any conversation because the students are thinking deeply and asking important questions.  I introduced a game which is not about guessing, but asking questions to give everyone more information.  The students are picking this up!  We call it the dictionary game. Please ask your child if they can share about how to play.  It might become a family favorite.  Next week I am introducing another questioning game called, "Less and More" so stay tuned!

From our last dictionary game, we saw some old and new types of keys in the dictionary.  I showed the students some old fashioned keys I have and the students were very curious.  They were trying to think about what they know about people from long ago and assimilating this info with the antique keys.  One friend asked (with doubt in their voice), "Did the Indians use keys?"  When I asked what they would use a key on, the friends all thought about how they didn't have anything to lock.  

Who had metal back then? 
Who could have used these old keys?  
What did they open? 
So many questions to research.

And with our songs and poems...

As we are ending our first month together,  the students are showing their confidence with the five songs and poems that we learned.  At this time of month, we know them so well that we can think further about their meanings and what they make us think about, when we hear them.  Here are some of the students words, from our discussion:


Rachel: Hedgehogs eat bugs in your garden so your plants can grow big.

Malaya: They eat bugs because they want to grow.

Kayla: It's because, did you notice, “it ruffles and snuffles” because it really wants to say thank you in a polite way. To the person who is letting the hedgehog come into their garden.

Mason: The hedgehog comes in and he “snuffles” and he smells for the bugs and eat them. The bugs just want to eat and eat so they can get big and the plants die because the bugs eat them.

Haden: They roll up in a ball, so they could sleep in it and stay warm.


Preston: The person is laughing somewhere close. Because they think it's funny.

Jennifer: What is making the person laugh?

Mumina: 'Cuz the sparkles are falling on them.

Evelyn: The sunshine. So, the sun is making the sparkles, and someone might just be laughing, because of the colorful sparkling rays.

All Together Now

Natalie: All together now, makes me feel happy, because the one, two, three, four, when we say the number, when we count the numbers.

Jennifer: Why does counting make you feel good?

Natalie: Because it has ten in it, and ten is my favorite number.

Haden: I like counting because it makes my mouth feel good.

Rachel Lee: I like counting because we could count how many sparkles fall on us.

Thank you for sharing your amazing children with me.  Each week I have felt so lucky to know these interesting and caring people.  I wish you a safe and fun weekend!

Love, Jennifer

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